Vote++ is a proven winning formula to win in the election. This system has helped to achieve tremendous success in 2 of the Indian state elections and scored more than 80% of votes.

This system identifies the niche voters such as Fence Sitters (Deciders), Non-voters (Key Voters, who can change the result) New voters, Possible Opposition voters & Spoiled and disintegrate the voters to an individual voter and regroup them with social and economic backgrounds.

This system will identify the voters by race, religion, age, sex, education, employment, revenue, Marital status, Single parents, student with loan, Single parents with loan, physically challenged and etc.

This system maintains the party members and volunteers by Parliament, DUN and Locality based on their race, religion, education and etc.

This system provides solution to collect voters needs and assign particular volunteer or party members to attend those requirements with computer based accountability and tracking.

Party members and volunteers are appointed to ensure those niche voters cast their votes to BN on election day.


  • Data is everything; Data Capture key to electoral success
  • Good analysis is possible only with good data
  • Election results change on small events most of the time
  • Capturing, processing and making decisions on data makes all the difference
  • New ways of looking at data give new perspective, new strategies and new results
  • Core focus on Fence Sitters or floating voters, Nonvoters, New Voters, Opposition voters and spoiled voters
  • Building and maintaining a data warehouse/ system would give tremendous data benefits which translate to electoral benefits.
  • A good system will suggest where to concentrate sparse resources- in time, money and people.
  • Timely information on data on voters
  • Communication and tracking
  • Communication and tracking
  • Key Performance Monitoring system