In a large scale Oil & Gas landscape, it can be an enormous challenge in tracking, managing and controlling expensive assets. Equipment might be moved, modified, missed, unused and maintained by many different people over its lifetime. The unused assets cost are several millions sometimes when gone for re-inventory.

Ardhas offers customized solution for offshore Oil & Gas companies to achieve positive business results by tracking, managing, controlling and effective utilization expensive assets.

Ardhas, We offer e- Asset, a web-based asset management system that helps oil & gas, energy companies to monitor their assets and effective utilization of their resources. Each employee is able to view the list of assets, usage status, effectiveness, transfer these assets and perform online stock taking. Effective utilization of talented resources.

Manage your procurement life cycle with effective workflow management

  • Each employee/user is able to view the assets in the company with relevant access control systems
  • Understanding the usage of the assets
  • Procurement life cycle
  • Transfer the assets to one location to other, with option for approval
  • Create the asset, transfer, view history, dispose and condemn the assets
  • Online Stock Taking
  • Automated workflow and approval cycle process
  • System tracks asset warranty expiry date
  • Asset code can be configured and auto-generated
  • Possible RFID and GPRS integration

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